Connecting Stick Up Cam via Cell Phone Hotspot

How do I use my iPad or iPhone hotspot as the network connection for my Stick Up Camera? I bought it to use in my RV while traveling and do not have a wi-fi router connection, only cell service. Thanks.

Hi there, @cddsd! Ring devices are intended to be used with a home wifi network, and using a mobile device hotspot is not advised. As described in our help center article about connection, a mobile hotspot may cause your Ring devices to disconnect often.

Thank you, Marley_Ring. I realize it may not be advised, but respectfully, that was not my question. The Ring App is not recognizing the Wi-Fi. Can it be done, even if it’s not advised and if so, how?

I have the same question. I understand it’s not advised, but can it be done?

Hi neighbors! As stated, we do not advise using a mobile hotspot as a connection for your Ring devices. If you want to try to do so, that is your discretion but we can’t advise how you would do it or if it would work properly. You can find instructions on how to reconnect your Ring Camera or Doorbell to a wifi connection in our Help Center Article here. I hope that helps. :slight_smile: