Connecting Ring to old Friesland chime

Hi folks, I’ve been having trouble understanding where to connect the jumper cable on my old friedland chime - it is a version with 4 connections (0,1,2,3) and white wires in 1,2 and 3. There’s no markings at all to indicate which is trans etc. Anybody seen this before?

Thank you


Hi @user28673. You’ll need to determine which of the wires lead to the transformer and which of the wires lead to the front door. Since all the wires are the same color, this may make it more difficult to determine as you can’t look at the color of the wires at the transformer and doorbell respectively. I’d recommend consulting a qualified electrician to take a look so your Doorbell Wired can be safely installed.

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Hi @user28673 did you manage to get this working, I have a very similar Chime set up to you and currently stuck as I can’t find the transformer. Thanks!

Hi, so I bought the wired Ring door bell to replace my current doorbell.

I have found the Friedland 743 Transformer and the underdome chime, but can’t take the chime apart and do not know where the wires to bypass are. Any idea helpful people?

Hi @James26. From the pictures that you shared, I only see 2 wires leaving your Chime Kit. If you are unsure if these wires are the correct wires, you’ll need to consult with an electrician, as we can’t test and read the voltage without being by the chime kit.

Hi, ive the same chime and looking to wire a video doorbell. Did you find a solution to this?