Connecting ring to existing doorbell


Hopefully a fairly straightforward one. I’ve had a ring doorbell working off the battery for some time and just got around to connecting to the existing doorbell. I don’t think it needs the diode as the original doesn’t play a melody. Any ideas in the next step? I can’t find anything on here.


Hey @Dat, could you look at your existing chime kit and see if it says if it’s mechanical or digital? Also, you could take a picture and show us to see if we can figure out if you need the diode or not! If it’s mechanical, you will not need a diode.

Similar question. My doorbell is old, goes “ding, dong”, so pretty sure it’s mechanical. Installation instructions direct setting off circuit breaker at panel. Why must I turn off CB at panel if I’m simply going to connect the wires to my Ring Video Doorbell2? Almost every video on replacing doorbell button says there is no need to shut off CB to replace.


@gssulte7 If it is recommended in the manual that came with the device, it is simply a safety precaution to ensure that the neighbor does not injury themselves or damage the device.