Connecting Ring Doorbell Pro with my Existing Nutone IM-4406

I just purchased a Ring Video Doorbell Pro (Hardwired) and wanted to use my existing Nutone IM-4406 (Voice intercom doorbell system).
When I connect the Pro Power Kit V2 for Ring Video Doorbell Pro in the master console chime module and power it chimes continually and don’t know why.

Anyone have any ideas ? Thanks in advance !

Hi @sp07005. I looked into our chime kit compatibility list for the Pro, and it looks like your intercom doorbell system is not compatible. You will not be able to use it with the Pro. What you can do is replace your preexisting chime kit with a compatible chime kit or hardwire the Pro directly to a transformer. We also have a Plug-In Adapter you can use to power up your Pro without using your incompatible chime. If you are not comfortable doing your installation or need more help with hardwiring, I strongly recommend consulting with a qualified electrician.