Connecting Ring Doorbell 2 to a virgin media hub 5

I recently had virgin media installed broadband and have a new Hub 5 rooter, my ring doorbell gen 2 will not connect to the rooter. Virgin media suggested I contact ring as the rooter May not be compatible. Are they just passing the buck? How can I get this resolved?

Hi @Johnebegood. If you recently changed your router and your device is not connecting, you may need to configured the router to allow you to connect to it. Be sure you are connecting to a 2.4 GHz network and using the correct WiFi channels. To my knowledge, there aren’t any routers that are incompatible.

Don’t get the hub 5 is my advice! I’m waiting for a supervisor to call (never gonna happen!) trying to get Virgin media to accept responsibility for the problem with my ring doorbell not connecting. Apparently the solution is I have to pay for someone to come and sort it out from virgin! Complete scam! I’ve got an old hub that they insisted on changing on Monday where everything was working perfectly now can’t connect to doorbell (gen 2)! They had the cheek to tell me it was my problem because everything else could connect! They completely missed the point about it all working fine before the rubbish hub 5 was installed!

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