Connecting ring devices to alarm pro base through a wifi AP/bridge?

In my pole barn, that’s 75ft from my house, I have an Asus router connected to an Ubiquiti long-range wifi bridge, the receiver portion anyway. It can be used as an AP or a bridge. I use it as a bridge. It’s transmitter is mounted in my house and hardwired to a network switch in my house, which is connected to my eero router (i.e. alarm pro base w/ eero router). All Ring devices in the house work very well. I’m wondering what it would take to connect Ring devices out at my pole barn, through the current setup, or if it’s even possible?

Hi @dinkster07. I would say as long as you have wifi available in that area with great speed and signal, it could possibly work. I would try testing one of your current Ring Cameras in that area to see how it does, and then you would know for sure if a Ring Camera would work in that area. We also have this Help Center article here that has information on understanding RSSI and WiFi signal strength. I hope this helps.