Connecting Pro 2 wired to existing mechanical chime

Followed all the correct steps to connect my new Pro 2 to an existing new mechanical chime. My electrician said he installed a transformer and am seeing “19v” in device health. But the chime won’t ring? We tested the wiring with an analog button and it worked? Any ideas?

Hi @Mikae_shift. What is the make and model of your mechanical chime kit? How is the Pro Power Kit installed? Feel free to share a picture of how it’s installed on the chime kit. I’d also recommend checking if the Ring In-home Chime setting is toggled on under In-home Chime Settings > Device Settings.

The chime is the Broan-Nutone BK115LWH-1 mechanical

It was installed by my electrician

I don’t have “in-home” within my doorbell “device settings”

Some more photos

Hi @Mikae_shift. Im happy to chime in. Thank you for providing the make and model of your pre-existing chime. That is a compatible chime with a Pro 2. Now if that picture of your chime is one after your electrician installed the Pro 2, they missed installing a key component, which is the Pro Power Kit. This could be one of the reasons why your chime is not chiming with the Pro 2. This Help Center page will provide instructions on how to install it. As for the setting “In Home Chime Settings” that should be there in your Doorbells Device Settings, can you double check the model name of your Doorbell? If you remove the orange sticker on the back, you will see the model name, or if you go to your Doorbells Device Health page, you will see it under Product Name.

Thank you.

Here’s a photo of the back of my ring. It did not come with a ring power

@Mikae_shift. That is not a Doorbell Pro 2. That is a Doorbell Wired and this model Doorbell does not ring any pre-existing chimes at all. If you want an indoor chime with this Doorbell, you can use a Ring Chime or an Echo device.

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