Connecting Dome Siren


I just added a Dome Siren and added it to my Base Station. It currently shows up on my phone APP under Sirens. It shows that it is online. However, on my desktop it shows up as “Turned off” (but that might be because the Alarm is currently off?). When I tested the siren (Test Siren going into Dome Siren) via the phone app - it worked. However, I thought that if I tested the base siren (via Base station) that it would trigger the Dome Siren as well. It did not. How can I be certain that the Dome Siren will work if there is a real alarm? If it says “online” does this mean it will work?


Hi @Mike1967. Once you successfully set up the Dome Siren in the Ring app, it will trigger along with the Ring Alarm when the system is arming. Testing the siren on the Base Station will not also trigger the siren on other devices, as it is only a test for the Base Station. You can review the setup instructions for the Dome Siren here.

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