Connecting Chime to Doorbell and Mounting Heights

Hi all
This might be a very naive question…please bear with me!

Our Ring Doorbell is sited on the wall by the front door, which is INSIDE our gate, so we see people entering the area, but they cannot ring the bell…I know, this really isn’t perfect, but if we fitted the unit on the fence post, it would be too low?? ( fence post is only 1m high…maybe you might advise on this too??)
So, if someone get near the Ring, I get a notification on my phone, but there is no audio sounding in the house, if I linked a chime to my Ring, would it sound only on intrusion and not having the bell actually rung??

Hope this makes sense and can someone please advise on the following in a summary…

  1. Can the RIng be mounted at approx 1m height on a fence post and still work?
  2. If not, then can I link a chime and it will sound only on intrusion detection???

Many thanks

Hi @david1968. Thank you for your questions, I’m happy to help here! Mounting the Ring Doorbell on a 1m fence post would be rather low, which can negatively impact the motion detection. It would also be farther from your wifi router than the current location.

Setting up a Ring Chime can accomplish what you’re looking for - an audible alert when motion is detected. The Chime plugs into a standard power outlet in your home, and you can select a tone from the app to be played when your Doorbell detects motion. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: