Connecting Camera to Mobile Hotspot issue

I have been trying to connect a spotlight cam to a Netgear LM1200 hotspot. I was just on the phone with technical support for an hour before getting disconnected with still no luck. The odd thing is that I can connect my indoor cameras to it just not any outdoor cameras and they are sitting next to me not far away. I purchased a Chime Pro to see if it would help with no luck. I was able to connect the outdoor camera through the chime and home wifi and then switched the chime to the hotspot. When doing this I have no video but can turn the lights off and on through the app so there is some type of connection going on. I am at a loss after hours and hours of trying.

Hi @marck2323. We don’t recommend trying to use a mobile hotspot as the connection for your Ring devices. Sometimes we’ll suggest connecting to a hotspot as a troubleshooting step when diagnosing network connectivity issues, but not for long term use. Your Ring Spotlight Cam needs a consistent and stable wifi connection in order to function, which a hotspot is likely to not provide, so we recommend using your home wifi network.

My setup is as follows.
Netgear LM1300 in bridge mode connected to Verizon cellular network. It is connected via Ethernet cable to a Linksys EA8300 wifi router.
LM1300 has no built in Wi-Fi.

I have the same problem as stated above. Indoor camera will connect and work fine through this set up. Stickup camera battery will not work. Says it cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

My findings
The indoor cam connects to different ring server evidenced by different IP address and url.

The Stickup cam is failing either during or immediately after TLS v1.2 security handshake. So it is incorrect in saying can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

The Stickup cam will connect successfully when going through IPhone 12 hotspot.

Ring sent a replacement camera which does the same as the previous camera