Connecting a new Mechanical chime


Posted this in the chime section but thinking maybe here you’ll have a solution.

Just moved in to a newly renovated house.

Hardwired the ring 2 to a transformer that works great and connected seamlessly to my wifi system.

Now i’m trying to connect a simple mechanical chime

I have the mechanical chime itself but the doorbell has 2 wires that connect to the transformer and that’s it.

How do i connect it to my ring 2 so that it activates a simple ding dong mechanical ring when pressed?

Thank you for your help!


Good question @Meit! Our Video Doorbells are designed to be easily installed, whether a chime kit exists or not. This means that the wiring configuration required is no different than most existing standard doorbell button and chime kit setups.

Your Transformer will power the chime kit and the Video Doorbell, and then your Video Doorbell will connect to your chime kit door terminal. Check out our Wiring Diagrams for the Video Doorbell 2 for a visual on how this will look with wiring. Please also ensure the mechanical chime kit is compatible here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi Marley,

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve looked through several videos and diagrams but they all have an existing chime, or are for hooking up more than one device or more than one chime.

Mine is a new mechanical chime and the ring doorbell 2 is already hooked up with 2 wires to a stepdown transformer. There are no other wires.

So, i’m not sure if i maybe i need a pro kit, just 2 additional wires from the chime to different ports in the transformer or maybe both?

Where and how do i connect the chime to the transformer assuming that 2 ports are already used by the doorbell wires?