Connect Ring Doorbell 3 to executone chime

I m trying to connect Ring doorbell 3 to my current door bell but not sure it is compatible with ring door bell3. Can some one explain what is electrical configuration of the 2 screw terminals on the Ring Door bell 3? Is this a resistive contact or a voltage input. Is there a schematic for this input/output interface? Does RingDoorBell 3 provide resistive contact at this terminal to close the 2 contacts to activate the existing bell in my home? I measured the resistance of this two contact and it shows a 91 ohms reading. There was no AC or DC potential reading on this screw terminal. There was no change in resistance or voltage potential when the Dooring bell 3 is pressed. Any help to understand this circuit will be greatly appreciated.

Hi @TM06. This Help Center article has information on the Ring Video Doorbell 3. It is the only information we have available for it. Once you’ve determined the make and model of your current chime, you can use our Chime Compatibility List to ensure it’ll work with your Doorbell 3. We also have this Help Center article with directions on installing your Doorbell 3 with an existing chime.