Connect cameras to Sony Bravia 4K TV

Does anyone have a 2019 model Sony Bravia 4K Tv and can pull up your Ring cameras on it?
When I originally purchased my Sony Bravia 4K TV from BestBuy, I specifically asked if my Ring cameras could be seen on this TV. The manager made a call and long story short he said yes. So in Feb 2020 our tv was delivered and installed by BestBuy’s Geek Squad. They setup everything. And guess what? As I was told, I was able to see each of my cameras on my TV through Alexa. Awesome. After about a year the TV itself started turning on and off at will. I called Sony (Apr 2021)and they did some kind of remote update. Great. Was still able to see the cameras on the TV. I ordered two more ring cameras and connected them and also was able to see them on the TV through Alexa. After about 4 months, TV again kept turning on and off more frequently. Finally got an appointment with Geek Squad to come out (Nov 2021). They did some kind of computer update and said it should be fine now but was told Ring does not work on this TV. After many unanswered calls to BestBuy corporate, I drive to (a different) store, spoke with a manager and got scheduled again for tech to come out. This was in May… The appointment was for Jun 6 and one guy showed up. I explained everything that transpired up to that point and lo and behold he tells me Yes Ring cameras can be shown on this TV. He said I’ve seen this before and we need to order new boards. He ordered them and had them delivered to our house. New boards came in, left them in the box and had an appointment for Jul 20. They were unable to keep appointment and finally they came out today. Of the two new boards(one was power supply the other was the software board) the software board was cracked so they replaced the power one and put back in the old one. Still not able to see my cameras on the TV. I am frustrated and at a loss. If anyone can give me some input, I would appreciate it. Thank you for sticking with the log dissertation!