connect base station to chime pro

I had base station setup in the garage, far from router. It had weak signal so I got the chime pro. I don’t see how to connect it to the chime pro though. In the app I see I can change the connection for cameras to the chime pro, but it isn’t giving that option for base station. Help!

Hi @Mjtaxpro! The Chime Pro is only compatible with Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras. It will not work with the Smart Lighting or Alarm system at this time. For optimal performance, we recommend locating the Base Station close to your router with minimal interference in between, or even via ethernet if possible, as this is the main hub that controls communications with all your other Alarm devices.

There is a Range Extender for the Alarm system, but it extends Zwave signal to your other Alarm devices, rather than wifi signal. If you were placing your Base Station in the garage for the siren coverage, keep in mind that the Keypad also will sound a siren and you can have multiple Keypads at one location. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: