Confused About Self Monitoring Ring Alarm - New Purchases (since April 2023)

Hi I am super confused about the self-monitoring options.

I used to own a ring alarm system 2 years ago and self-monitored it.

Reading the documentation, it sounds like things have changed.

If I self-monitor a Ring Alarm System (no doorbells, no cameras) then:

  • I will NOT be able to arm/disarm the system from my phone
  • I will NOT be getting any notifications on my phone

Am I reading this right? That’s a funny kind of self-monitoring, which works only when I am at home (in which case the system would be disarmed :smile: )

I just bought a ring alarm system. If I can’t monitor it on my phone then I’ll be returning it.

Are there any new new users (since April) that are self-monitoring?

If it helps, I live in Canada.

Thanks in advance.

Here is the doc:

Hi @user49351. The features you’ve listed are exclusive to Ring Protect Plan subscribers. While you can still self-monitor without a Ring Protect Plan, having one will increase the amount of features available to you.