Confused about camera light modes

Have a wired outdoor stick up camera with spotlight.

When in snooze mode, should the light still come on when motion is sensed? It does, and then I turn the light off via the app, and the next time the camera sees motion the spotlight comes back on.

Wondering if this is normal operation or if the camera is faulty.

Good question @Lowmiler! Motion Snooze is designed to prevent motion alerts during times you wish to not receive them. This does not disable motion from recording, or the lights from triggering. There are additional light settings and light duration options in the app to help with this. That being said, this sounds like expected functionality! :slight_smile:

If this is intended functionality, then it seems you haven’t done your market research.

Nobody wants this feature. It makes no sense. If the snooze command is on, there is no user desire for surveillance or lighting.

Seems that your developers just don’t want to spend the time to figure this out, as it would require a two way communication with the camera.

Prove us wrong.

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