Configure app on multiple devices to give different alerts

I have ring devices at two different locations and have the app installed on several Apple devices. I have the app on my personal iPhone as well as on an iPad that is permanently left at each location. As of right now, motion alerts from both locations show up on all devices, but I’d like to have it work like this:

  • All motion alerts happen on my iPhone
  • For iPad at location A, I’d like only alerts from Ring devices at location A
  • For iPad at location B, I’d like only alerts from Ring devices at location B

I must be doing something wrong, because it seems like changes on alerts on one device are propagated to all devices. Can anyone please advise?

If you activate notifications on your mobile phone, they should not be automatically activated on your tablet. For new installations, a lot of these settings are default until changed, however, it sounds like you’ve made notification adjustments as desired.

You can indeed manually designate your notification settings on each mobile device connected to your Ring account. Please ensure there is not a VPN enabled on any of the devices being used. Check our Help Center article below for more notification troubleshooting tips! :slight_smile:

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