Condensation issues Ring doorbell 2

Hi all,
I realise there are already a few topic responses on here to condensation. But mine does not involve condensation inside the doorbell.
I have recently moved to a very rural part of Essex amongst fields. Unfortunately this winter has caused the dampness from the surrounding countryside to fog up the glass over the camera lens on the outside.
I have thought about buying a silicone cover for the doorbell casing or indeed something similar but I do not think this will resolve the issue. The condensation will just build up on whatever serfice is exposed.
I have been advised to buy some of the product that is used to defog / keep clear motorcycle helmet visors.such as Rain-ex.
Can I have your opinions / help please? Even now at 10.50am the live view is covered in wetness.
Many thanks

I just joined to ask about this exact issue. It appears that condensation builds up on the lens in the cold UK weather. We can’t be the only ones this is an issue for.

I don’t want to apply fog/rain repellent as this then builds up a film of grease.

I’d have hoped Ring have designed it for all weathers.

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I was getting my battery spotlight camera fogging up though my floodlight cameras were fine. I have a feeling part of it was me touching the lens cover since you practically have to in order to install the spotlight on the bracket. The floodlights I were able to install without touching the camera. It might also be more heat from the floodlights but I do think the oil from my hands play a part. I cleaned the spotlight lens with some dishwashing soap and it doesn’t fog up anymore. The temperatures and humidity where I’m at may not be the same as you since my low temps are 30-40F right now.

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Disappointed at the lack of responses. The three of us can’t be the only ones dealing with this issue.

Not as good.a chat thread as I assumed.

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Did you try technical support telephone number? That will be my next port of call.
I’m trying to work out if it only happens when it rains, and perhaps I need a rain hood (even though mine is under a cove but still does get some drizzle).

I have this issue. When I contacted ring about a year ago, they suggested I hang my camera inside of a bird box…. I laughed down the phone to them. They then suggested I use rainx wipes, to which I said I’m not doing that every night.
They then sent me a replacement, this happened to the new camera so I phoned for a refund. They then offered me a new one which I declined obvs.