Condensation behind lens on Spotlight Battery Camera

Not sure how it happened, but recently I started to notice a haze over my cameras. Following the suggestions on this group, I did wipe off the lenses for all of them, but on my battery powered spotlight cam, I noticed the condensation was behind the lens. After discovering this, I took it down, opened the battery compartment, removed batteries (all dry inside) and let it sit in my dining room for a few days hoping that the temperature would normalize and the condensation would go away. That said, it’s been three days, and doesn’t look like there has been any change. Would love to get some ideas on how to handle this! Thanks!

Hey @RingBearer. Can you please attach a picture of this condensation so that other neighbors can see what you are referencing? Having this visual will help us figure out better what’s going on behind the lens!

Sorry about that, I tried earlier but it wasn’t allowing me to!

@RingBearer No worries, and thank you so much for attaching that! I just wanted to double check and make sure I had a good understanding of what was happening with your camera. Now that I see it, I would recommend reaching out to our support team and emailing in this picture to Once you give them a call at 1-800-656-1918 after emailing in that picture they will be able to address this concern promptly over the phone with you!

I have the same model as the one referenced below with the exact same problem, including the IMG_0950.jpg. Has there been any resolution to date?

Water shouldn’t get inside like that. You’d need to call customer support for a possible replacement.

The same thing is happening to my spotlight battery can. It is blurred, from what I can tell, most of the morning. It has started to last longer.

Starting to see blurry area on right side of image from vacation home. Will inspect camera when I return. If its same problem will try opening it and setting it on top of dehumidifier and cranking down the humidity setting to 30%. Anybody tried this?

Same issue here, just started happening in the last 2 weeks. I didn’t notice it at first due to fog but now it’s a daily occurance. It goes away as the day warms up but clearly will get worse as the dew point rises with fall and winter.

I have 2 cameras side by side. One is perfect one is not.

Mine is doing the same thing!

Water does get in the outdoor housing. Also what alleged “warranty”? Water and electronics don’t mix. You might get the “water” out, but the moisture has done it’s mischief and over time will deteriorate the electronics inside. I’m familiar with “water” tight cameras from underwater photography. Your casings are not “water proof” … merely water repellant. There is a difference.

I have the same issue on my battery powered spotlight cam. Looks identical to the posted picture.

I have another spotlight camera that lost one of its LEDs. Been a customer since the original doorbell, but I’m concerned about quality.

Is there a user fix or is this ‘call support’ to get shaken down for $$ to replace them?

Mine is doing the same thing. Can anyone reply back what happened?