Computer Dashboard

When will, if at all, will it be possible to view more than one cam “live view”. I believe that I speak for many in the ring community that it would be helpful to view more than one cam at a time.

Also, turn off the kill switch after 20-seconds!! That is soo annoying. When there is activity noted on a cam it is sooo very annoying to have the cam terminated for no reason. Sometimes I want to be able to view for longer than 20-seconds to 240-seconds. I want to follow the activity for 15-22 minutes!!

Hi @mrchris. This is a popular Feature Request. I suggest voting for this in the Feature Request Boards to help add interest to the request. You Live View should be longer than 20 seconds. Is this happening on as well? What is the RSSI for this device? A low or weak RSSI could cause issues with Live View and the amount of time it stays open.