Can someone tell me why I have 3 different MAC addresses for my cameras please, are my devices compromised?

I’ve notice a few vagabond neighbors walking past my window, and when ever they get past my window, they automatically look down at their phones, on a few occasions I’ve literally heard them say, is she looking?, then one would answer, whilst still peering at their mobiles, ( YEAH ) she’s looking, then they’d laugh out loud, and walk past.
I strongly believe they have somehow connected to my window camera, and can see when I’m looking out my window. 100% think my cameras are compromised. I live alone and I’m quite scared to be honest. Need help urgently from anyone in the community and from Ring PLEASE.

Hi @Help1. Any concerns about your immediate safety should be brought up with your local law enforcement. Once any immediate concerns have been handled with them, you can review privacy information here. Nobody should have access to your Ring account aside from you, and our privacy page will detail all of the measures we take to maintain your privacy,

I’d also recommend following up with our support team regarding the MAC addresses on your Ring Cameras, as it sounds similar to what neighbors mentioned in this thread. Our support team can take a closer look and help with any privacy-related questions you have as well.

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