Compliment: If ring product helped you to fight covid, please give a kudos to all the Ring employees

I am taking care of my mum for a week, and she is getting better now. I have used a doorbell 2 to watch her 7/24. I was able to detect motion and talk to her but not contacting meanwhile physically. I just wanted to share here, since I really felt now what a help I got because of the hard work of those people at ring. Thank You very much!
Best regards,
Peter (Hungary)


Glad to hear. This year has been horrible for many. And being alone especially for the elderly is extremely sad and dangerous. Sounds like you rigged up the cam to be used inside. Good job. I’m sure you Mum was very happy to be able to hear you and you had peace of mind being able to see she was okay.


Thanks for sharing your story @pekovacs ! My parents are in AZ and while I’m in LA, I’ve been able to say hi to my family through the Floodlight Cam. Always nice seeing when dad makes it home from the grocery store and being able to yell out hello! :heart:

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