Completely useless integration with Alexa and android phone

I have a hardwired doorbell and two cameras for security. All linked via the Alexa skill to my Echo devices. When someone presses the doorbell i get the call"someone is at your door"through the Echo device BUT NO video. Been through the re-enable routine with the Amazon skill 3 times now with Amazon suuport who have washed their hands of it and told me its Rings problem and they know about it. On the Echo device none of the Ring devices show up under settings Smart home devices, yet on the Alexa app they are listed.
To add insult to this my Samsung S21 also gives no live view when someone presses the doorbell. If anybody from Ring reads this perhpas they can offer a fix rather than telling me to contact Amazon support.

Hi @user36995. I was able to find this Community post where other neighbors posted useful information that might help you with your concern about your Echo Show showing an automatic live view when your Doorbell is rung. As for your Ring app on your phone not showing a live view of your Doorbell when someone rings it, have you tried using another phone or tablet to see if it does the same thing there? What happens if you try doing a live view without anyone ringing it or a live view when it detects motion? Are the recordings working fine? What model Doorbell do you have?