completely black videos

Hi all,

I’m getting black video recordings at times where it seems crucial that they not be unviewable!

This has happenned on and off since I got my Ring Floodlight camera several months ago. I think this needs to be corrected. As big a company as Amazon is, I think they should upgrade the firmware on these things so they ensure video recordings are full and complete without being unviewable!

Please let me know how to fix black video recordings. If this is remedied for any length of time with a reboot on the camera, please include reboot function of camera through the app so we can reboot the camera ourselves without having to contact support.



Sorry to hear about this @jasonmadruga84! The first best step would be to uninstall and reinstall the application on your mobile device. If the recordings are still not viewable, please reach out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, for more in-depth troubleshooting.

I’m not sure why you assume this is limited to a single platform, that being an iPhone. This happends when viewing through iPhone, iPad, and Windows browser.

This does not look like client-side issue, it looks like Ring device and/or server-side issue.

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Uninstall your iPhone Ring app, restart your iPhone and reinstall the app. Nothing to do with windows, especially xp.

I can confirm, this is not limited to a single platform when it does happen.

was this ever resolved? I"m having the same issue

I am having the same issue. I have tried viewing on my iPnone 7, Galaxy S10+, Macbook Pro, and Windows 10 PC. They all show the same black image for all recorded images. I can view live without issue but recorded videos are a nogo!

Your advice to uninstall then reinstall the Ring app on cell phone: You failed to mention that you would also have to reconnect the camera to the internet.

I tried your uninstall reinstall solution to fix right away to get video on criminal activity in progress. Now the camera isn’t recording at all, and will not connect to our internet without me pressing the button top of the camera. Of course I cannot go out and do this until the people to be filmed have left the neighborhood.

When giving this advice at any time for any problem - to uninstall & reinstall - please let us know that this may result in cameras not auto connecting to internet and may require a manual reset. Thanks.

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Hey @LauraA. I just wanted to clear up a couple things for you so there is no confusion for future and for other neighbors. When you uninstall and reinstall the Ring app, it will not take your cameras off the network they are connected to or make you re-set them up. You will only have to reconnect your cameras if they are offline and the app states that. It’s possible your cameras may have fallen offline and this was noticed when you reinstalled the app. Once you reconnect the devices by pressing the setup button and going through the setup process, you’ll be all set! :slight_smile:

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It seems to now be that the recordings simply show as an event but when I click on them, nothing happens.

Example, for both the Windows 10 app, iPhone app, iPad app… I click on the recording and nothing happens. This happens when there are lot’s of events happening. It seems, the connection isn’t fast enough to upload before the video buffer on the Ring floodlight is overwhelmed.

Previosly, the recordings were coming in black and at times with audio. Now, they are not viewable at all. It seems that my internet connection is not capable of handling all the data trying to pass through it.

Admitedly, it’s a T-Mobile data connection which after data limits are reached, I’m at 128 kilob it / 16 kilobyte per second… that’ s… hold on to your seats… just over 2X faster than dial-up!

So, I think the blacked-out screen was either intermittent reliability and/or slow internet connection. I’m no longer getting blacked-out video, just video that doesn’t playback when clicked.


I spoke too soon… months without blackout video, now it’s back. I see Ring in top-left and the rest blackout. This was one of two video clips that came out black. Not sure why, not much video overload for the internet connection compared to other times.

Hey @jasonmadruga84. Check out our Ring Help Center Article here. It was a recently created document to help with the black video concern and may help you find the answer you’re looking for!