Complete system troubles

I have a doorbell pro (wired) a spotlight cam (battery) and a Gen 1 and Gen 2 chime…and since ‘the big freeze’ in December…my system has become extremely troublesome after two/three years of no issues at all.

One battery in the spotlight cam has died - presumably due to the cold weather - having previously worked perfectly…no longer holds a charge…so i’m resigned to have lost that.

Amongst a load of other issues with notifications and chimes not sounding, my main issue is my spotlight cam disconnecting and going offline 3/4/5 times a day.

As it’s mounted outside, It’s about 10-12 feet away from a BT wifi disc on the other side of a wall - and you’ll see from the images attached…it does receive a good connection. (Which admittedly, for some unknown reason, fluctuates.)

The question here…is as to whether the cold weather has additionally broken something else within the spotlight cam…as nothing else has changed?

Hi @user35722. What is the RSSI for this Spotlight Cam? This is found in the Device Health menu. Is your device connected to a 2.4GHz or 5GHz network? Does your network automatically switch between the two bands? To answer your question, no, the cold weather shouldn’t have broken something on the Spotlight Cam but there isn’t a way for me to be 100% certain. If it were to break something, I think the cam would be non functional. This sounds more like a network issue. Try changing the WiFi channel it is connected to.