Complete joke. Ring Line X. Lets this post tell you something about ring

We are a low voltage conpany in our area. We have a customer who wanted 3 Ring cameras around his Air hanger. We got him 3 ring line x cameras. 2 work just fine 1 camera isnt registering as a line x camera so it deactivates after its trial period. So this 450$ ring camera doesnt work. The entire point of the line x is it has no subscription thats why we pay over 400$ for the stupid thing. Customer service? What a dam joke. I have been hung up on more times than i count. If im not hung up on they say logistics will email me back and try to dump the call. Obviously logistics doesnt call back. Eventually a call rep put a mesly 5 day trial on the camera to shut me up while we wait for logistics to send an email. The trial expired again still not resolved. I replaced the camera with another line x camera because there is over 50 million$ in aircraft in this hanger. Guess what. The trial period expired once again. Exact same issue. Its been over a month and a half and well over 800$ in cameras and if you count our hourly rate of 120$ an hour… lets not go there. Yesterday our customers hanger was broken into through the door this deactivated camera was watching. I adviced my customer to get a lawyer against Ring. Im still on the phone with customer support they swear to god there isnt anything they can do. They wont even credit the camera with another trial while we wait for logistics to email me. Because apperently its goimg to be different the 4th time around. Any employee of Ring care enough to contact me and try to resolve this? Probably not but lets see. Its been almost 2 months without a plan or resolution. Both cameras still dont have the line x subscription. Dont buy these cameras people 2 out of 4 cameras are registered as normal stick up cams. Those are some real crap figures. None of the customer service reps even know what a line x camera is.

Sorry to hear about this experience, neighbor. We certainly intended for better. You are correct, the X Line bundles are suppose to include plan coverage for the useful lifetime of the Ring device. Reaching out to our support team is the best step, and our team members should be able to escalate your matter to the appropriate teams for handling.

For installer concerns with orders and ensuring you are receiving the X Line, it’s always a good step to contact your local distributor, or connect with Wave Electronics or ADI Global Distribution. This can be done by reaching out to Here is also our Help Center article for more information.

Ring's X Line Product Information – Ring Help

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No its not because its trial just ended again. And no one was ever emailed or called by ring like promised for the 4th time

Hi @Jonny-McCracken, happy to chime in here. Did you contact the Ring support team by phone, or reach out via the email that Marley linked? The Ring Community is a public neighbor-to-neighbor forum, so we aren’t able to look into your account and check on any support tickets. In this case, it would be best to follow up via the channel you reached out to initially so they can review your case and make sure it is escalated properly as needed.