Complaint as no email address to contact

Just typed this all out and then tells me have to sign up and now my message no longer there, what a waste of time that was.

Forget it will now just return the darn bell for a refund waste of my time

Help, FAQ’s are useless and live chat tells me one thing yet Ring video’s on Youtube tell me something else so who is right, hence why waste of my time

But you did bother since it mattered to you. So what’s going on? Maybe other users here can help since we use devices here every day.

I have to agree with you. There is no way to put any complaint in an e-mail. Since I purchased a solar charger my ring now runs out of power twice as fast. Instead of charging it monthly I now have to do it every 2 weeks even with 6 hours of sun on the charger daily. What a waste.

Most of the help pages say “not found” when clicked on from the app.
There is no way to contact anyone via email, everything directed me here.
Seems quite a poor way of setting things up