Compatible AC Adapter for Stick Up Cam Battery

I want to be sure before I order, that I’m ordering a compatible accessory. I have the Ring Stick Up Cam Battery. I would like to purchase an adapter that runs this cam on AC power. Will this product work to give it pan capability as well as AC power - Pan-Tilt Mount with Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter? If not, which power adapter will work? I tried talking to Ring support but got nowhere as the recommendation was to buy a second battery, which is not what I want. Just looking at this camera, I’m not even sure where you’d plug an AC cable in.

This has been an ongoing discussion on these forums for the last few months. Many of us have had 3rd party AC adapters that worked perfectly fine until Ring made some sort of software update that made them somewhat useless and giving error messages that it’s not connected to power. Since that time, the only AC adapter that works properly is the Ring branded not that costs much more and has a shorter code than many others. Several of us have contact right about this issue. It is unclear if this was an intentional change on Ring’s part to force customer to buy more of their accessories or a real issue they are troubleshooting. This problem has now been going on for a few months so it’s disappointing that it’s taken this long and nothing has been addressed.

Thanks. I read about that so if I can be sure I’m buying the right thing, I’ll order the Ring. I just want to be sure this is compatible - Pan-Tilt Mount with Indoor/Outdoor Power Adapter.