Compatibility with Tablet-Style Infotainment Displays

For the cars that have tablet-style infotainment displays (where the top of the screen may extend above the dashboard), it seems the Car Cam’s interior camera may be blocked by those displays. Can the camera mount stick to the front windshield without being wedged between the dash and the windshield (so that it can be placed higher up)? If not, can you publish a list of cars that are incompatible based on the infotainment display?

Hi @lauren33608. Do you have a specific make and model of car in mind that you’re considering installing the Car Cam in? I’d be happy to check with my team on this regarding the intended installation of the dashboard. :slight_smile:

  • Ford Mustang Mach-E
  • Tesla (any model)
  • Volkswagen ID4
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5 (not exactly tablet-style, but the display sticks up over the dash)

These aren’t the only cars with this potential issue, but let’s start with those. Thanks!

@lauren33608 Thank you for those examples. Some of the displays in these vehicles may partially impair visibility down the middle space of the car. While the intended installation of the Car Cam is wedged between the dashboard and windshield, you can try mounting it slightly higher on the windshield. However, this may impair your visibility while driving, so please take caution with installing the Car Cam outside of the intended location.

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