I have Nicor PRCP2 and want to know if wired ring doorbell is compatible because I can’t find “trans” and “front” on existing transformer. I must be doing something wrong. Thanks

Hi @user46124. The Video Doorbell Wired will not ring any pre-existing chimes. The Jumper Cable needs to be installed and will bypass the chime. Since your chime does not have a front and trans terminal, you cannot install the Jumper Cable. You will have to hardwire your Doorbell directly to a transformer (10-24 VAC, 40 VA max, 50/60 Hz). This Help Center page will give you a schematic of how this installation looks. If you are not comfortable doing so, we recommend consulting a qualified electrician for help. You can also use a Plug-In Adapter (2nd Generation) to power up your Doorbell Wired. I hope this helps.

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