Comment section is not showing

Why cant i see my comments. I updated the app and my phone. I cant see no comments on my Ring neighbor i got a car stolen so i need to see my comments. I cant even see it from
My computer.

This is so annoying Ring ! I called and they claim they are fixing it.


Having the exact same problem- post shows 20 comments but when I click on them does not work

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I’m having the same issue! I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it didn’t help!

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Same! I’ve done all the necessary steps

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I’m having the same problem! Mine shows that I have 15 comments but when i click it … nothing.

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Having the same problem. Has anyone heard from Ring if they are fixing it?

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I called them they said they are aware anf they dont know when it will be fixed

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Hey neighbors. Please make sure your Ring app is fully updated to the latest version available. If you’re using the Neighbors by Ring app, ensure that is updated as well. If this issue persists after making sure your app is updated, please get in touch with our support team so they can take a closer look at the issue and gather any necessary details to investigate further.

Having the same problem! It was working before. Start looking at what was released in the previous versions as something caused this change.

Mine said Author disabled the comments. Definitely not so. There isn’t any setting to enable the comments if I disabled the comments!

This guy has zig-zagging down our street opening each of the house’s mailboxes! Need to get our sub-division to communicate but cannot because we cannot read the comments! Yes, police and USPS is aware of it.

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