Colour nightvision for battery spotlights

I know that colour nightvision is now available on wired cameras but does anyone know if this feature is coming to the battery cameras? It is just at the moment I have a battery spotlight cam in the front garden because of the difficulty of having to wire one in with the location I wanted it in and although it can see right up to the garden wall with the light on as soon as it switches to regular nightvision I lose vision of half the front garden. I don’t really want to leave the light on as I would think this would drain the battery really quickly. Anyone know if this feature will be coming to the battery cams?

Hi @DanHolloway. At this time, we do not have an expected date of when this feature might be available for battery operated devices. Be sure to check in on our News and Announcements board to stay up to date with all our Rings latest information!