Colour Night Vision on Doorbell 2nd Gen

I believe the Doorbell in question (2nd Gen) does not have colour night vision??

However when on the main page where I can see all 4 of my ring cameras on small tiles

The image for the doorbell on this is shown in colour night vision

Which makes me believe it is capable?

I did try uploading a second screenshot but it wouldn’t allow me

When I go on live view the camera is in black and white

Am I doing something wrong or am I right thinking Ring are not allowing it from being turned on?

Live View above

I believe we have the same device - the 2020 version of the original doorbell.

We have a brilliant LED street lamp in front of our device. It may be more bright than the sun at noon.

At times I have seen ring videos (same video) which are half in color and half in b & w.

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