Color of video feed.

I have lost all my greens in live view. Red tint is strong.

It looks like the IR cut filter is stuck. This is a mechanical activated filter (looks red) that is used to improve night vision. Sometimes a tap on a camera might free it. Otherwise, I would call support. If the camera is under warranty . . .

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Hi Brad… My flood light cam IR was stuck so I took your advice and tapped it. It does shift the filter and has fixed the problem thank you . Do you know if the IR filter cam be deactivated… john

The video feed on my flood cam had no greens. Looked like the landscape from War of the Worlds after the Martians ravaged the countryside… Took your advice and tapped it a few times. Video back to normal color. Thanks.

@Johngreaney wrote:
Do you know if the IR filter cam be deactivated.

No, and you would not want to. When the IR lights are on you want the filter to improve the picture.