Color Night Vision With Night Vision

Do you use both color and regular night vision together or separately. I noticed when using both the color isn’t as vibrant and things like license plates get washed out. The good thing when using both is that I can see farther into low lit areas. When using just the color night vision I do not get as much field of vision as with the night vision alone or using both together. Just wanted other peoples suggestions/opinions.

I have Ring cameras as well as stand alone security cameras.
I find that unless a vehicle gets close to my cameras (even in full sun) the license plates are almost impossible to read when they are on the street unless the vehicle came to a complete stop in my driveway in front of my cameras. Maybe if the cameras were 4K they’d be a little better in that regard.
At night all the cameras do night vision as there’s just not enough light from my porch light or street lights. They will switch over to normal light when my motion solar lights I have on my garage light up.
I think with the state of camera tech and our desire to have affordable equipment will limit the ability of our devices to get details. I do know of folks who spend $1K+ on a single camera and get really great results.

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