Color Night Vision setting no longer there

I noticed that color night vision is no longer working on my stick up camera plug in. The setting for setting it to color night vision is also no longer available within the app. It was working last night, and tonight, just a black and white. See attached photos, last night& tonight.

Was this feature removed with the latest software update?

Other photo

Hi, I also have the problem with the battery stick up, no colour night vision at all. I am getting mixed messages so I contacted support and the first person said it should be working fine and the second person said that it doesn’t work for battery cams only wired and there is no plans to change that currently. Although I read online it was going to be.

Hi neighbors! First off, I’d like to clarify which devices the Color Night Vision feature is available on. This feature is available on the Video Doorbell Pro, Video Doorbell Elite, Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam Wired/Mount, and Stick Up Cam Wired. This feature is not available for battery powered devices at this time.

If you have one of the devices listed above, you can turn Color Night Vision on by following these instructions in the Ring App:

  • Open your Ring app.
  • Tap the three lines in the upper left side of the screen.
  • Tap Devices .
  • Select the device you want to adjust.
  • Tap Device Settings.
  • Tap Video Settings.
  • Tap Color Night Vision.
  • Tap the Enable/Disable color night vision to turn the feature on/off.

If you don’t see this option, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here for further assistance. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

I have multiple 3rd gen wired stick up cams, and none of them have the option for color night vision.

I have four battery operated stick up cams all with good nigh time vision.
Since Sunday 14th one camera suddenly stopped working, just a black screen.
Daylight and all is perfect again.
Any suggestions welcome as I find it very difficult to contact Ring

Hi @mconomos. If you do not see the option for Color Night Vision on one of the applicable devices, please reach out to our support team at one of the numbers listed in the previous reply. They can take a look at your account and devices to ensure everything is working properly.

Hi @Tractor. We have some tips on correcting black video concerns in our Help Center Article here. You can also attempt a reset of the Camera by holding down the setup button for at least 20 seconds. After that, you’ll set it back up in the Ring App using the steps under Set Up a Device. If that doesn’t do the trick, our support team will be able to take a closer look and offer more in-depth troubleshooting assistance for you. :slight_smile:

I have read this before, however there is no option for under “video settings” for night vision. See screen shot. Like I mentioned previous, It was there when I installed the camera, and was working up until a few days ago. NO option to turn on/off color night vision


@Udfly81 Would you mind reaching out to our support team regarding this concern? They’ll be able to pull up your account and devices in order to take a closer look and see what might be causing the feature to not work properly. You can reach out to our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Did anyone get the issue resolved as I am now having this problem. I have the Ring doorbell 4 and up to 3 days ago I had color night vision and now it’s stuck in black and white all through the night. And yes my porch light is on throughout the night, I’ve had the camera for a few months and always had color night vision until now. Help! Thanks. Oh… I have rebooted it like 3 times now and have taken out the battery for a minute then put back in and still the same issue.

Did anyone find a resolution to this issue. Still same thing for me. To the Ring support people, your instructions are wrong. This does not work. There is no color night vision for spotlight cams. Total BS. I’ve done all the steps to reboot. NOTHING!!! Quit lying to customers!

Everyone should switch to another camera brand. Ring used to be leaders, but now it’s just junk.

Any recommendations on alternatives to Ring?