Cold weather - ring

It sure would have been nice to know about the problematic issues with the batteries. Living in Minnesota I need to leave the security covers off and bring them inside every other day.

I would probably opt for a different brand. I’m not sure what others are using, but I haven’t seen others have to do this with their cameras and doorbells…

The specifications are posted with the devices on the range of temperatures that is ideal for these devices to work in.
For your next devices, be sure to check to make sure they can work in your environment before you purchase. Less frustration in the long run for you.

Eachbid 2PCS USB Heating Plate…

This works after testing. Fits between the mounting plate & camera side ways with a little trimming of the plastic. I used the cord from the second heater to solder them together for extra length. Small hole drilled through the door frame to run the cord to an electrical outlet. Using an old cell phone charging block. Battery is now 100% on hardwired trickle charge. No overheating issues, & all camera settings are maxed out. Hope this helps. Feel free to share.