Never notified Ring doorbell will not hold charge when cold!

Hey @malibu62865! Sorry to hear about this experience. Our Community post on battery life might be of some assistance. This post also contains a link to our help center with more suggestions on how to combat cold temperature with battery powered devices. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I live in Syr. ny and for several months are temps are way below 40deg. and that’s bad for keeping charge on a ring doorbell.

Cold weather will have an affect on your battery, as Marley pointed out. If you have your device hardwired, that may help as it provides a trickle charge.

I’m so disappointed in Ring. Even hardwired doorbells rely on the battery to run the doorbell. When the weather is under 40 degrees, the trickle charge poops out and the battery drains and then the doorbell doesn’t work. We received an email from Ring today advising everyone to bring your device inside when it is cold outside and to recharge the batteries periodically. We got a Ring BECAUSE we are gone for the winter … so it is impossible to bring it inside. So basically, our doorbell stops working and we aren’t here to recharge it. I’m looking at alternative products


I too have trouble in Wis. in the winter. Guess I should have looked for one that works in winter.

Hi there, neighbors! Our help center article about cold weather can certainly provide some insight on environmental impacts. Our battery-powered Video Doorbells may experience battery draining quickly, as also pointed out in our Community post. If the tips in these articles did not help you to improve, a wired device is a great alternative for a cold environment. Our Doorbell Pro and newest Doorbell Wired operate primarily on power supplied from wiring.