Code sent to mail address on connect


Last time I tried to connect my android ring app, it required a code sent to my mail address. I do not wish to be required to enter such a code on my phone, my mail not being always accessed from it.

How can I disable that ?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @RD4. This is apart of our Two Step Verification process that is mandatory for all accounts. You can have this code sent to you via email or text message whenever you log in, but it will be needed for every time you log in and cannot be turned off. You can learn more about this in our Community post here.

Thanks for the reply, i was quite sure it would be that way, which means that you are just losing a customer.

I do not wish to be required to have my cellphone or my mail on hand when trying to connect to the app or to this forum. I would have liked, though, to find information on the website on how to determine why i would not receive notifications when i’m in front of the camera, or to be able to contact the firm by mail while the only one accessible link on the french site leads to a dead end.