Cloudy Lens

This text below is from a previous post and is exactly what I’m dealing with. Somebody should open a class action suit against this defect!

I purchased my Ring Doorbell Pro on a promotional upgrade. Shortly after the warranty ran out the lens began to craze which caused a foggy image. The lens is finally so crazed there is now no image - the device is unusable. The best Ring support would do is offer me a 35% discount off full price. This makes replacing it cost twice (2x) more than I paid for it. This is not a solution that values a long time customer and promoter.

Ring support through e-mail was simply unresponsive over the past year. Chat is not taking calls for support. I had to call and wait on the line 30 minutes.

They have no replacement parts to offer even though it would be very easy (and cheap) to replace the defective part.

They offer no repair service so I cannot send it in for them to fix it.

They do not recognize UV decay of their plastic a design flaw which it clearly is.

If you’re in the UK, consumer law should help you here. either go back to your card company and ask them to step in, as they have joint responsibility for the purchase. Or you could fall back on the sale of goods act, if you can prove it is a failure and not wear and tear. Not sure how you would fare outside of the UK as consumer laws will be different.