Close encounter

I have a Ring spotlight camera monitoring our front driveway & at 01:55 Friday morning “Alexa”, tells me there is “motion detected on the front driveway”. I look from our bedroom window & can’t see anything but both our security lights are on. On checking the motion sensor history, the attached video clip is what I saw; the driveway camera also triggered the front door camera but nothing similar on there to see only the vehicle passing!

Initially, I thought the vehicle driving quickly past had triggered the cameras & security lights but then I noticed the strange light pattern/bar in the video towards the top R/H side. The more I looked at it, I concluded that the cameras must already have been running by the time that vehicle passed our driveway as, in my experience, they don’t respond to motion THAT quickly. Additionally, I have adjusted our cameras motion sensor zones so they don’t pick up passing vehicles & pedestrians in the road, they only trigger about 3m up from the bottom of our driveway. If you look carefully at the video, you can see that the “light bar” is already in the frame towards the top right side when the vehicle passes & then moves down & centre towards our house, hovers, moves back & forth a bit & then exits the video frame to the right hand side as it came in. At first I thought it was some sort of light refraction on the camera but it goes on too long & the movement is not linear. A drone perhaps but there is not substance (propellers etc) to the image & not sure you could actually remotely fly a drone that slow & so close to the ground without seeing it’s a drone. No spiders webs or bugs on the camera.

It’s all a bit weird & freaky & I’m not sure what to make of it, anyone on here had/seen/recorded anything like this before?


If I was you I’d move Karis!!! That IS weird!

That is weird!! The only things I’ve caught on my came were raccoons and squirrels lol

Spiders web strand reflecting glare from the camera IR’s blowing in the wind.

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Spiders//webs/resident insects was the first thing I checked for, nothing there’ camera has only been up for 2 months. Light refraction of some sort but there are no street lights & the thing is still hovering around after that vehicle is long gone!