Clips only record tail end of motion

I’m really confused. The recorded videos we get at our doorbell only show people walking away (the tail end of a motion event). So if someone comes to our door, like an amazon delivery, the only thing recorded is there back walking away. The recording never starts when the motion first starts (them coming up to the door).

I’ve double checked all settings and it seems right. Haven’t had this issue until recently.

Any ideas?

Hi there, @iyiyi! Thank you for the detailed explanation of this. It sounds like motion is detecting the movement too late. Checking settings was a great call. Depending on your Ring device model, Motion Frequency might be a good setting to check here. If you have any stairs, an incline, or raised landing leading up to where your Video Doorbell is mounted, this can require some fine tuning for optimal detection. Wedge and Corner Kits can help with angling your device, if needed, and can be found on our Accessories page at