Clicking on modes in setting starts app TALKING

This morning, early I notice this new feature under settings called modes and tap on it and it started talking to me so loud it woke my wife up and brought the dog running in the room. Why on earth would you have a feature setting that if one tries to adjust or determine what it is and inadvertently has some form of volume turned up loud (my ringer was all the way down and I wasn’t planning on playing a video so I wasn’t worried about any other volume) then clicks on it then it started a lady talking? No other setting does this. You all even mute most of the live video by default from cameras so I know I can click around on this or that without waking the house in the early morning. Please let people read their settings. If one cannot read the information then they won’t be able to change any settings any way so why have the talking settings description? You don’t do this any where else. Maybe I’m just being petty but I’m so frustrated with autoplaying videos in news and everywhere else. I don’t need autoplay audio descriptions in my Security app telling me what I am reading on the screen. I’m sure I will get told I’m the one with the problem but this dumbing down of society where everyone has to be told or shown something that can and is written down by default is annoying as all you know what. Please let me click on modes setting without a lady screaming “Introducing modes” blah blah. I had to stop it so quick I still don’t know what it does. I really hope this voice over isn’t a new trend at ring and that other places I click in the app where one wouldn’t expect to hear a voice doesn’t become the norm at ring.

If I click on a recorded video I know it might play audio so I make sure my volume is appropriate. I guess I just don’t understand all the talking descriptions when they can and most often are clearly written. I mean what’s next I click on device health and it starts speaking my signal and everything else? I just can’t for the life of me understand why you all felt the need to tell us instead of let us read about modes in the settings.

Hi @Socrates99. Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention! I’ve passed on this information and your experience directly to our team.

Your experience with our Modes welcome video will help us to improve this video (and other new feature videos) for our other neighbors and yourself in the future. Our intention is not to ‘blare’ audio at our neighbors without their expectation and apologize that this happened to you! Thank you again for your feedback.

Thank you!

I apologize for my having slightly overreacted. I was just frustrated with talking EVERYTHING… thank you for passing it along to dev.

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