Clearing Event History for Mailbox Sensor

Hello, does anyone know how to clear the Mailbox event history? I know how to go to “History” on my dashboard and clear any events for my doorbell and Battery Spot Cams. I get my my notifications for the mailbox sensor okay, however I noticed that when you open the Ring app, I have to go to the 3 blue lines in top left of app, and go to “Devices” then find my Mail box sensor, open it, and I can see a square tab to open “Event History” Once I open it, I see all my past event history’s from the first day, and I can see no way to clear the event history at all. These events are piling up fast, and there must be over 60 events for this device. Is this going to get worse with time, with the data piling up in the cache? I am unable to clear the events like you can for the “History”. Thanks for any help here.

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