Clean camera lense

Is it possible to clean the lense of the camera on the floodlights? There’s a smudge visible on the camera that was on it when it was shipped. I just got the ring a couple of weeks ago. Was hoping I could just clean the smudge. Thanks.

You could try a lense cleaning cloth (or one for eyeglasses). If that does not work, I would return the camera.

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Can you get into the camera to get to the lense? I have cleaned off the outter part of the camera. Thanks

No you cannot get to the inside . . . we I guess you could, but I would not want to break a new camera. If the problem is internal, return it.


My camera lense is so back due to the recent weather elements. It needs to be cleaned from the inside. What can we do?

I too have a spotlight cam that is blurry. I have taped it into a bag of moisture absorbing crystal for a week but to no avail. I have moved its position closer to a modem and facing a different direction but the image STILL looks like a “Drunks Xmas Vision”!!
I have available the most beautiful pic from the camera that looks like it’s viewing life through a coke bottle.