Class Action law suit re: Spotlight cam

The ring spotlight cam has a design flaw. The compartment door for the batteries will not stay shut. Since purchasing the item the compartment never sealed well. Now it routinely pops open due to an inferior latching mechanism. Their customer service rep said I’m out of luck because the warranty recently expired although my issue is the result of a defect. Who is interested in filing a Class Action lawsuit against Ring ?

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Hi @Mja72par - The battery door on your Spotlight Cam should close. Would you mind if we tooka look at your recent support ticket and sent a follow up email to you using the same email address associated with your Community account? Thanks :slight_smile:

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My battery compartment won’t close either. How do you create a support ticket with Ring for repairs?

Contact Ring Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help)

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We have the same issue as many others. The battery door does not stay closed and has been this way since the product was a few months old. We continue to put tape around it, and then replace it each time we replace the battery. Not ideal for a product that we’ve paid quite a bit for. Is there any resolution to this issue?

Glantini -

If you discover that you cannot get the problem fixed through Ring Support… have you considered other options?

For example, have you investigated what legal rights (if any) that you may have under “implied warranty” (and/or other) laws?

If you live in the United States, you may be able to obtain consumer protection information/assistance from consumer agencies/offices at the city, county, regional, and/or state level. (You may want to start at the state level.)

Don’t forget to report back on what you learn (to help other Ring Community members).

Good luck!