Clarification for "No permit is needed for smoke and CO professional monitoring"

Every time I include/register a smoke & CO detector to my, I get the following email. It is unclear what this means. Do I NOT get professional support when one of our smoke & CO detector detects an event that may need local fire dept. support (I do subscribe to professional monitoring, and I’ve obtained alarm permit)?

Subject: No permit is needed for smoke and CO professional monitoring

Hi Neighbor,
Thank you for adding smoke and/or carbon monoxide monitoring to your Ring Alarm.
Our records show that you do not need a permit or registration to get professional fire monitoring.
We suggest that you check with your local municipality to confirm any fire monitoring rules for alarm systems. If no paperwork is needed, then you’re all set!

Found this thread Can I turn of professional monitoring just for my smoke /CO2 listener?, incl. emergency response procedures. I interpret that as “yes” to my question, hence resolving.

I still think the email notification cited above could have been much clearer. Maybe opening a feat. request.

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