Cisco 2802i being used for WLAN - Ring Security Camera wont connect

Hi there,

I’ve recently had to change my Wifi network from a new Access point (Meraki) to an older Cisco 2802.

Since I’ve changed this over with the same SSID’s passwords etc I’m unable to connect the Ring Sensor light camera onto any SSID’s being served by the 2802.

All other devices types include Tapo devices, Laptops etc connect absolutly fine.

Are there some security settings that I’m unable to find that need to be set or are unsupported on other 802.11a/b/n SSID’s? Any help would be approciated!


Hi @randvines. I would first recommend giving your Camera a reset by pressing and holding the set-up button on it for 20–25 seconds to see if it helps with it being able to connect to your new wifi network. If that does not help, this Help Center page has information on what settings you would need to change on your router for our Ring devices to connect to it. This Help Center page also has other information on what settings need to be set on your router for Ring devices to connect. I hope this helps.

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