Christmas Gifts Stolen without Recording

Three Christmas gift boxes were placed in front of my entry door at 10:45 AM on 12/16/19. The Ring video shows that the boxes were still there at 2:46 PM, but when my daughter came home at 2:48 PM, the boxes were not there. However, there was no Ring video that captured when the boxes were stolen between the two minutes.

Do you have any idea why there was no recording in the two minutes? What shall I do?

Hey @ lzorange. I’m sorry to hear what happened to you. How do you have your Motion Frequency set to? I recommend changing your motion frequency to frequent so that you are alerted more often.

Hi Chelsea,

Did you mean to change the motion frequency to Frequent?

However, shouldn’t the Ring device be able to detect and record the incident when someone came to my house and picked up the boxes?


@lzorange Yes, exactly! Changing it to frequent will eliminate the potential concern of a motion being detected from something else around your front door, and then missing something that happens right after, like potentially in this case. Test out the device on frequent and if you have any further concerns, please reach out to our support team at 1-800-656-1918 for further troubleshooting!

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Thank you for the note!

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This happened to me tonight and I’m super annoyed by the answer of having the device set to frequent. All afternoon it captures people walking by on the sidewalk and cars driving by, but it for some reason misses the person walking into my porch. That’s a bug in the software not a settings issue.