Choppy video

Hello and I know this topic has been neat to death but I can’t seem to figure it out.
A few days ago all of the video captures are choppy. This is across three devices. Two iPhone and an iPad.
I’ve had this happen occasionally for maybe a few hours then it goes away.
I am running many cameras on our setup. Battery solar, wired, spotlight stickup floodlight.
Same problem across all.
The rssi is the same as before. Our worse one maybe -59. Internet above 200.
This just started and hasn’t gone away this time.
I’ve troubleshoot everything reccomended here.

And please. Do not tell me to call someone at support. I am near deaf and phone conversation is near impossible.

Any info would be appreciated.

Thank you

Ring has been having issues the past couple days so it may be related. You can always check status here Status.
Though they say the issue is fixed, sometimes the fix can take a couple days to get out to all servers/accounts.
Be aware there are Chat options for Support.

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Thank you so much. I was sort of thinking something like that. I couldn’t imagine all 14 cameras and our devices all going wacky at the same time.
I appreciate ya!

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All good as of last night. I guess just another bug. Thanks.


Hi @Arkar. I’m glad to hear everything is working as expected now! If you ever notice any concerns with the performance of your Ring devices or the Ring app, definitely check as @SolarEclipse to see if anything has been reported. Another resource you can use for any video quality concerns is our Help Center article here. :slight_smile:

Thanks all.
I haven’t been around much because all of these things have been operating exceptionally well.

When this problem started, a couple of days before I made the post, it was coming from every camera on the place. I was wrong in my original post. Theres 16 cameras running right now. Some of every type.
Battery solar powered, hard wired, spotlight cams, floodlight cam, stickup cams. Well you get the picture.

And I’m pretty familiar with most of the common problems. WiFi strength, internet speeds up and downstream etc.

The couple of times I’ve had a similar problem, all wacky at the same time, it usually was something on Rings end. And they’ve always just gone away after maybe a day and a half.

I am using the Plume Mesh system on a 200 mg internet account and wound up with seven super pods to get these things working to suit me.
(I hate to say this but the chimes do nothing to extend WiFi for me. On occasion if I’m just playing around with the app it will ask if I want to use one. I’ve tried. The signal drops like a rock. Turn it off go back to the pods and all well again)

The rssi has always been good with exception to two that are a distance from the house, but not that horrible. Maybe -51 or so. Bad weather of course will make em a little worse for awhile.

Checking the rssi on each. And the. Going out with my cellphone and get as close as possible to each camera shows I still have decent WiFi at each.

This last incident I did the above and all looked good.

I did absolutely nothing but wait it out and they’re back normal at least for now.

Also was choppy on two iPhones, an iPad, and a pc I rarely use. But checked it rhere anyway.

Anyway thanks to all that responded.

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